Why Add Bling!

Make your car sing, with Auto Bling!

A car can be more than just a practical means of taking you from point A to point B; it can also make a statement about who you are. For some people, a luxury sedan, a powerful convertible, or a big SUV is enough. But for others, the best way to get their message across is the addition of “bling.” Think of it as “jewelry” and “clothing” for your car.

Your ride is far more than just transportation. It’s a status symbol that defines your personality, much like the clothes you wear. Unlike fashion, which seems to come and go with each passing fad, upgrading your vehicle with a little extra bling is an investment that will last. And, the best part is: pimping out your vehicle can be a whole lot more affordable than a couple pairs of designer jeans. Your car is a representation of you — make sure it’s saying something good. Make it sing…

Bling can be affordable. It can be something as simple as adding or repairing striping, adding a logo, adding door and window edging/trim, or wheel well trim. You can add rain guards, bug guards, grille guards and mud flaps. Maybe you want a backup sensor kit or backup camera added, or a keyless entry system if you don’t already have it. How about fixes for the interior, such as seat covers or total seat material replacement? Want Leather? Need a new dashboard covering or new floor mats? How about those Pickup Truck? You can add Nerf Bars, Bed Liners, Tonneau Covers, or tool and storage boxes. All of these types of items are sensible choices that add value to your vehicle and are simple, reasonable fixes.

There is no limit to what you can add to your vehicle. Whether you want simple, value adding items, or whether you want to add some “real bling”, such as Chrome Kits, fancy license plates, or gold or diamond studded wheel covers, we can help you find it and we can install it for you.

Best of all, WE come to You!