【可以玩滚球的正规app】世预赛-内马尔2助 菲尔米诺双响库鸟破门 巴西5-0


   At 8:30 on October 10th, Beijing time (21:30 on the 9th local time in Brazil), the first round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in South America will begin the final match. Brazil beat Bolivia 5-0 at home. Firmino scored twice, Coutinho and Marchinhos each went down, replacing Real Madrid teenager Rodrigo with an own goal. Neymar had 2 assists.


   After defeating South Korea 3-0 in the UAE on November 19 last year, Brazil returned to the game again after 325 days. The Samba Army had 6 wins, 5 draws and 1 loss in the first 12 World Cup qualifiers. Neymar recovered from a back injury and started in time, and Casemiro served as Brazil captain for the fifth time. Vera midfielder Douglas Luiz, who played only 10 minutes for the Brazilian team, started for the first time. The 32-year-old goalkeeper Wei Weitong, who won the Olympic Men's Football Gold Medal in 2016, made his third appearance. Lodi is representing Brazil in a formal game for the first time. The last time the two teams faced off was a 3-0 victory by Brazil in the 2019 America's Cup opener.

去年11月19日在阿联酋以3-0击败韩国后,巴西在325天后再次重返比赛。桑巴军团在前12届世界杯预选赛中取得6胜5平1负。内马尔从背部受伤中恢复过来并及时开始比赛,卡塞米罗第五次担任巴西队长。维拉中场球员道格拉斯·路易斯(Douglas Luiz)首次参加比赛,他只为巴西队效力10分钟。 32岁的守门员魏为同(Wei Weitong)曾第三次亮相,他于2016年获得了奥运会男子足球金牌。洛迪首次代表巴西参加正式比赛。两队对峙的最后一次是巴西在2019年美洲杯揭幕战中以3-0击败巴西。

   The game is going on in the rain. In just 40 seconds of the opening, Lodi made a pass from the left and was crossed to the back post by goalkeeper Lampeto. Eveton volleyed at 4 meters away from the goal and missed the near post.


   Brazil took the lead in the 16th minute!


  Firmino scored, Coutinho shot from the left side of the penalty area 13 meters away from the goal and hit the defender bounced, and Lampe flew out with one hand to lift the right post.


   Brazil expands its advantage in the 30th minute!


   Casemiro took a free kick 25 meters in front of the goal and was blocked by Lampe from the upper right corner.


   Bolivia shot 0 on goal. 3 minutes in the second half,


   Neymar broke into the penalty area on the left and shot obliquely and missed the near corner.


   Rodrigo replaced Eveton and immediately helped Brazil expand the victory. 66 minutes,

罗德里戈取可以玩滚球的正规app代伊夫顿,立即帮助巴西扩大了胜利。 66分钟

   Richardson and Felipe played, replacing Firmino and Thiago Silva. 73 minutes,

理查森(Richardson)和菲利佩(Felipe)代替了菲尔米诺(Firmino滚球十大网站推荐)和蒂亚戈·席尔瓦(Thiago Silva)。 73分钟





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