On September 26, Beijing time, at the pre-match press conference between Dalian People and Guangzhou Evergrande, head coach Benitez and player Cui Mingan attended.


Regarding this game, we are playing against the best team in China in recent years. I hope we can play well. Although sometimes we played closer to our opponents, we still couldn't do it and didn't let us enter the top four. So we hope to fight this well and prepare for the next stage. There is no more time for tactical preparation in a three-day game. The main thing is to let the players recover and prepare mentally and physically.


Tomorrow's game, we will follow the tactical requirements of the head coach and play out the things in training. Hope we can have a good result tomorrow.


It is possible to play some of these players, because after the last game, some of our players are physically tired, so some adjustments may be made tomorrow, and I hope that tomorrow’s lineup will still be very competitive.


Regarding the organization of the event, we concentrated on playing the game for two months. It was very successful and impossible in Europe. But this is not the most ideal format for football, because we have many young players who need more time to train and guide them. If it were a 9-month format, it would be better for them. There are also such problems in the next stage of the game. This is a whole new experience.


First of all, we must play this well, and then the team will take a few days off for the players to rest and adjust. After returning, I hope they will have plenty of energy and physical fitness. Then, based on the performance of this stage, I hope that the next stage will be more competitive. We are now communicating with the football associations of different countries. Foreign aid will have to wait and see. If there is no change in the rules, we may lose some foreign aid. I hope that in the end we can have a good result.


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